Happy Holidays

Hope you are having a Happy Holiday season. Posting on the blog will be on hiatus for the remainder of 2011. See you next year.

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2010 Year in Review

This past year was a busy year for the neighborhood and the blog. The blog published 317 postings, migrated to a new domain and WordPress layout, and increased page view traffic by more than 40%. On occasion our postings made a small but immediate difference as a treebox hazard in Chinatown that had existed for years was fixed soon after we finally ranted about it. We also put forth our best efforts to provide a platform for meaningful informed discussion of the ANC6C01 election this fall.

The neighborhood survived Snowmageddon until it became Snowverkill, saw Fourth Street Reconfiguration completed, and received two Capital Bikeshare stations in DDOT’s initial rollout. We unfortunately lost the unofficial mayor of downtown, Miles Groves, far too soon but it was befitting to see the Cosmopolitan Condominium honor his memory outside their front door.

Without further adieu here’s the listing of highlights of the past year:



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Open Thread

Please feel free to initiate discussion by sharing a recent news item or getting a rant or rave about the neighborhood off your chest.

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Search Unleashed

At the Kushi opening party on Monday night I shared details with KimFromTheK and others about the Search Unleashed plug-in tool that I’ve installed on this new WordPress blog format. This tool keeps a running log of search phrases entered  into the blog and captures phrases used by external search engines that directed web surfers to the blog. Some of the phrases are humorous while others just random and bizarre.

Here are 10 recent phrases:

  • casey patten girlfriend
  • google sexist horse zoo
  • horse show tommy wells
  • how much is a fifth of rum mount pleasant
  • how much would it cost to put a cafeteria in a police station
  • old tour bus for sale on flickr
  • reelection fish fry flyers
  • strip club interior pictures
  • why do you shred buddhas
  • zoo stack hippo
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Do you use foursquare?

Are you familiar with foursquare? It’s a new-ish social networking website that allows you to track places you visit, and keep up on where your friends are. You can download the app to your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android, and connect with friends. The service can link with your facebook and twitter accounts to share your location with others.

Foursquare allows you to compete with other users to become “mayor” of a place–if you’ve visited somewhere more than anywhere else, you become mayor. And users collect “badges” for achieving such milestones as visiting 5 different airports (Jetsetter) and going out four nights in a row (Bender). You can even read or leave tips for others using the site, like my suggestion to get the Spruce Street or any of the chicken cutlet sandwiches at Taylor. Read more about the basics here.

FourthandEye and I are both on foursquare, and it seems to be picking up popularity in DC. Social Media website Mashable claims that foursquare may be the next Twitter, even calling it “The Twitter of 2010″. The site also reported a recent collaboration between foursquare and TV network Bravo.

Do you use foursquare? Have you had any interesting experiences (i.e. met up with a friend because you found out they were nearby, or tried something new at your favorite restaurant) as a result?
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WaPo: Where We Live

The Mount Vernon Triangle is showcased in the Washington Post’s Where We Live feature this month. Look for it in the print edition of Saturday’s Real Estate section.

The article entitled From seedy to sought-after: D.C.’s Mount Vernon Triangle becoming urban village was contributed by the editors of Urban Turf.


“As of the first of the year, fewer than 100 new units will be available and all one-bedroom units are projected to be gone by March,” said David Mayhood, president of the Mayhood Company, which markets and sells condos. “With no new condominiums under construction, the current inventory will be gone by mid to late 2010.”

Photo Credit: Josh Howell Photo (via WaPo)

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Welcome to our new home

Thanks for following us from blogspot here to our revamped blog hosted at We’ve upgraded to the WordPress technology which will afford us greater control to customize and improve the blog in the future.  The new layout enables content to be displayed in a more compact fashion with plugins like “Read More” and a featured topic section above the page footer. Posts now include suggestions for related content, provide sharing links, and allow readers to subscribe to comment notification.  More enhancements are on the horizon.

Have feedback? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Follow the Triangle via Facebook here and Twitter here.

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Twitter updates

I created a Twitter feed for the blog back in late March and embedded it in the right sidebar. Updates were sparse and sometimes 3 weeks apart. Now that I’ve upgraded to a 3G phone I’m using the medium more.

Twitter will be a source for shorter and quicker updates that share facts that aren’t worthy of a full blog posting or hint at posts to come. I don’t anticipate relying on the tool too heavily as I know over 140 of you subscribe through Google Reader and thereby don’t benefit from the feed and other sidebar content I’ve embedded on the blog.

Here are a few tweets from the last several days:

  • The DuMont served notice of infraction (re: standing water/algae) by DCRA today and will be served violation if still unresolved on Friday (5 PM Aug 18th)
  • DCMetrocentric posts a rendering for 600 Mass (sporting an urban moat?): (9:09 AM Aug 18th)
  • Contractors have begun working inside Taylor Gourmet at City Vista today! HT @john_thompson (5:25 PM Aug 17th)

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A new voice in the Triangle

[Ed note: Please welcome our newest contributor Kimberly. She will be posting under the name KimFromtheK]

Long Time Reader, Occasional Commenter, and First Time Blogger Kim here. I live in The K at City Vista (hence the name KimFromTheK) and have been in the neighborhood since the summer of 2005 (renting at 400 Mass before we closed on our condo last fall). I moved to DC in 2004 and really enjoy living and working in the downtown area. My friends consider me to be a foodie as I’m always interested in the newest restaurants and trying new cuisines, so I’m guessing that my posts will lean towards food-related topics but hopefully I’ll expand my horizons as well.

I hope to share a new perspective on life in Mount Vernon Triangle with you, loyal readers.

To kick it off, I thought I’d share with you the top things I love about living in Mount Vernon Triangle:

  • Meeting my neighbors–old and new–who are excited about living here
  • I walk to work
  • Penn Quarter Farmer’s Market on Thursday afternoons
  • All of the new development and retail slated for the near future
  • Having a supermarket in my building after living in DC for 4 years and needing to drive to get groceries
  • Being greeted by name at my favorite sushi place (Momiji) since I’m there about once a week
  • Accessibility to public transportation via the circulator and 3 metro lines (plus 2 more if I’m willing to walk a bit further) when I want, but also easy access to 395 and NY Ave
  • My new favorite cheap eat restaurant, Taylor Gourmet, is coming to my building very soon!

Despite all the great things about the neighborhood there are a few things I think we’re lacking (namely, a quality nail salon!) but I’m curious what everyone else enjoys about living here. Please share in the comments–maybe I’ll discover something new to explore.

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