Pedestrian Safety Issues at MVT intersections on Mass Ave

Last Friday, the MVT CID submitted a letter to DDOT Director Matthew Brown about the pedestrian safety issues at 4th & Mass Ave and 5th & Mass Ave.

The MVT CID has received numerous complaints from members of our community about the unsafe conditions at these two intersections. They have submitted 311 requests to both the Mayor’s command center and DDOT. They also met with members of your DDOT staff on May 8, 2014 and discussed these intersections. Unfortunately, the issues have not been resolved. There continues to be concern that the conditions at these intersections will result in a pedestrian fatality if not addressed. In fact, in 2013 a pedestrian fatality did occur at 4th & Mass and another pedestrian was struck a month later.

Notes from memo to DDOT; Click to enlarge

Notes from memo to DDOT; Click to enlarge

Clearly, reconfiguration for construction at 4th & Mass has made the safety situation worse. The area is more chaotic and the crossing signals shorter. It is very difficult to balance construction and accessibility. Clearly some inconvenience is inevitable, but is DDOT doing less than they reasonably could be expected to do to limit the impact on pedestrians? Also, what are your thoughts on the 5th & Mass intersection?

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  1. 1

    TC says

    Besides the incompetence of DDOT in these crazy light and timing placements, the total disregard for pedestrian safety and the smooth movement of traffic shows how little officials in this beaureacracy care about its citizens. What is Jack Evans doing about any of this?

  2. 2

    EC says

    There was really no need for new pedestrian walk signals at 5th and I streets, plus they have a button on them so they don’t change unless someone thinks to hit the bottom.

  3. 3

    Heather says

    The left turn from 4th onto Mass is such a mess–the signal is super short and turning cars back up at the next light at H St that is poorly timed. Plus traffic on Mass frequently blocks the intersection there to go straight. The 5th/I/Mass lights are so frustrating that I won’t even drive through that intersection are any more. Maybe that was the goal.

  4. 4

    Ds says

    The 4th and Mass. intersection is terrible. I cross this intersection a couple of times a day. I hope no one gets hurt (including myself).

    What about the noise at night? I don’t understand how is it legal to work heavy machinery at night in a residential zone. Sometimes they work 24 hours a day.

  5. 5

    WeinDC says

    Don’t even get me started on complaints from parents with strollers or young kids. You literally can’t make it across the street before the light changes.

  6. 6

    PVB@Madlofts says

    I also am terrified by NW bound traffic turning right onto New Jersey from Mass. Big wide angle allows vehicles including metro-buses to gun it through the intersection. Pedestrians crossing New Jersey in the NW direction have their backs to that traffic. Need some traffic calming or lights that protect pedestrians.