Streetsense: 3 Big Retail Deals in MVT on horizon

Andrew Poncher of Commercial real estate brokerage Street Sense hinted during a recent ULI event that 3 big retail deals would hit the Triangle soon. Street Sense represents the commercial leasing interests three properties within the Mount Vernon Triangle: The Lyric Apartments at 440 K, M Flats at 450 K, and 433 Mass Ave which is home to the recently opened Le Pain Quotidien.

Tweet from @realstreetsense on 2.21.2014

Tweet from @realstreetsense on 2.21.2014

The Lyric has over 9,000 SF of retail space and has suggested they were ideally targeting a market for a tenant. M Flats has 6,600 SF of space and 433 Mass still has a basement space beneath LPQ available.

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    jimmy says

    The space below LPQ is supposed to be a gym. The same one that just announced an opening in Shaw.