Dacha Beer Garden to expand to MVT

Dacha in Shaw

Dacha in Shaw

According to the agenda for the upcoming ANC6E February meeting, the ownership of the popular Dacha Beer Garden plan to open a second location in Mount Vernon Triangle. Dacha is a relative newcomer having opened on 7th Street NW in Shaw last September. Even if you haven’t been yet you may have seen the giant iconic mural of Elizabeth Taylor that now graces the side of the building adjacent to the beer garden. This new Mount Vernon Triangle location would be named Dacha 2 and would occupy space at 923-925 5th Street NW between Silo and The Cloakroom. Presently this location is a historically protected front facade with no rear structure.

Street facade at location of future Dacha II

923-925 5th Street NW facade at location of future Dacha II

The City Paper article I linked earlier reports the new location of Dacha will feature a permanent pavilion on the lot that will house the bar and a portion of the seating. The remainder of the space will consist of picnic tables and also green space with nooks and crannies where groups can gather more intimately.


The following is a transcript of a memo from the owners (DACI Enterprises LLC) that was shared with the ANC.

Dacha Beer Garden plans to open its second location in the Mt Vernon Triangle neigborhood at 923-925 5th Street NW. The year-round beer garden will feature premium German, Belgian and American beers as well as a selection of wines and a food menu for lunch and dinner; it will operate as a coffee shop in the morning hours. There will be occasional live music performances. Owners will apply for a beer and wine tavern class ABC license with an entertainment endorsement.

The property is owned by Anthony C. Cheng and located on 5th Street NW between K and I Streets in Washington, DC. It is in a vibrant and growing neighborhood with high office and residential density. The site is bounded by a commerical property housing (i) Cloakroom bar and (ii) a future restaurant to the north; a new opened Silo restaurant to the south; a liquor store and barbershop across the street to the west, and high-rise apartment building (under construction) to the east. Current zoning is C-2-C. Gross size of the property is approximately 6,600 square feet.

Operating under the terms of a 10-year lease, Dacha owners plan to convert the presently condemned empty site into a vibrant neighborhood establishment outfitted with a permanent one-story pavilion at the back of the property with a back alley-access for deliveries trash pickup and emergency egress. The pavilion will house a kitchen, bathrooms and a bar. An open air beer garden style sitting area will be location in the front behind the existing wall and within the perimeter of the private property.

Working with the property owner, Dacha owners will repair the existing historically significant but structurally unsound facade.

The staff will consist of approximately 30 (full-time equivalents) trained waiters, bartenders, and a manager on duty. There will be no over-serving of customers. The staff will ensure swift and discreet handling of customers who have over-consumed. There will be no tolerance for leaving the premises with beverages in hand.

Estimate capacity will be approximately 300 people.

Hours of Operation will be Monday through Sunday from 8 am to 2am.

More Interior shots below:





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  1. 1

    washingtonydc says

    I love the original Dacha and would love to have a new location in the neighborhood. It seems such a perfect fit for the space since I doubt the owners of the property would want to sink in enough money to build a complete new structure. Dacha will add much needed vibrancy, life, and delicious to this block (luckily Silo has already started improving with all of this too)!

  2. 2


    I don’t live in MVT but can speak to what it’s like to live next to a place (Penn Quarter) where a hundred or more people “socialize” at one time (i.e. Caps fans after a game). if I were a 555 Mass Ave resident with an east facing unit or possibly a K at City Vista resident with a south facing unit I’d want some assurance that the live music performances won’t be playing late into the night and that the place shuts down at a reasonable hour generally. alternately, reasonable noise levels might be another approach.

    this property has no roof and sound does not just radiate upward, it radiates outward. unlike Caps games where fans mostly clump together outdoors after the game finishes, patrons at Dacha 2 will be outdoors all day/evening long.

    I like the concept, but beware the implementation. just a friendly 2 cents.

  3. 3

    Facing the space says

    Agree with pqresident. I hope the space can tell us more about “live music” for those who look right over the space. I hate to think about the music into 2am.

  4. 4

    David says

    I think this is a great use of the space. It’s clear that eventually years down the road this site will be a 130 foot building. No one is going to invest the capital to building a 1-2 story structure in the meantime. So a business model that can uses it as outdoor space, that also isn’t a parking lot (we’re not just parking lots anymore), is the perfect idea. Otherwise we are probably looking at the current void for another 8-10 years.

    I clearly sense that some 555 Mass residents are going to go to the mattresses Sopranos style over having this across the street from them over fear of noise. But this is a city. And if old Victorian homes can coexist next to the Shaw Dacha or the H Street Biergartenhaus I don’t think a recently constructed building can cry unfair. It would be a nice gesture for Dacha to forgo the entertainment endorsement or write into a voluntary agreement how limited their plans for use are. If it’s only on the weekend during Octoberfest thats alot different than any day of the week all year…

  5. 5

    anonymous says

    Can anybody explain how this awful one-story plain brick wall can be considered a historically significant structure? I walk by there nearly every day and, not realizing it was just a wall, assumed that the interior of the Cloakroom was behind it. Thus, I assumed that nothing could ever go there and that Silo would be on its own. Glad to know that’s not the case.

    “Dacha owners will repair the existing historically significant but structurally unsound facade.”