5th and I Public Meeting recap – UPDATED

Updated at 2:46PM on 12/20/2013 to insert renderings.

Last night Ivan Matthews of the Deputy Mayor of Economic Development hosted a meeting to showcase the four finalists for the 5th & I development RFP. Below is my quick and dirty recap of the proposals.

The common themes of the four development proposals was that community engagement and park improvements were necessary components. So was adhering to LEED Silver standards. The district also requires that some contribution to the city’s affordable housing pool be made, whether that be on-site, off-site or a sizable financial contribution. I also believe that DMPED wants the winning proposal to be able to break ground and deliver as quickly as possible as to avoid a redux of when Donohoe/Holland was awarded this parcel in 2008 and then proceeded to accomplish nothing for half a decade. To that affect none of these developers is seeking to pair this parcel with an assemblage of properties. Waiting for neighboring parcels to sell takes too much precious time.

Each development group had met with the ANC to discuss expectations and concerns. One major expectation is that the two triangle parks at 5th and I be dramatically enhanced to have programmed uses rather than the simple neglected tiny lawns they are today. This will require transferring the parks, apparently named Seaton and Milian, from the National Park Service to the district to be managed by either DPR, the MVT CID or a public private partnership. Each group seemed highly committed to fulfilling this requirement and dramatically upgrading these parks.

5th & I Development site with Seaton and Milian Parks

With those basics common elements of the way, here are the distinct highlights from each development team’s proposal:

Akridge/Jefferson Apartment Group: Mixed-use residential with 187 market rate units and 21 affordable housing units on-site. 8,000 SF of retail including 3000SF daycare and 1000 SF of community space. Architecture from Escoff associates will essentially be in the same vein as 400 Mass and 401/425 Mass down the block. This bid also pledges to provide $200,000 to redesign Milian and Seaton Parks, and $100,000 set aside for local civic and nonprofit groups.

Akridge/JAG rendering on 12/19/2013; design by Escoff Associates

JBG/Moddie Turay Company: Mixed use residential with affordable housing units on-site. The courtyard in the project would be accessible from the street to the public creating additional open space. They aim to bring 13,000 SF of retail including a Yes! Organic Market, BicycleSPACE and a coffee shop.

JBG/Moddie Turay rendering on 12/19/2013; design by Morris Adjmi Architects

Trammell Crow/CSG: Spec Office/Retail project. $2 million dollar contributions to the parks – including securing an extra parcel at 3rd & K for a dog park. $1 million contribution to the DC Housing Production Trust Fund. 2500 SF YMCA daycare similar to facility. YMCA facility could serve arts and community uses after daycare operating hours. Remaining 7500 SF of retail would seek community serving retail such as bike shop or pet store – not just more restaurants.

Trammell Crow/CSG rendering on 12/19/2013; design by Leo A Daly

Peebles Corporation: Would bring a Standard Hotel branded luxury boutique hotel such as those found in NYC/LA/Mia. 59 condos would also be within hotel. Equity is already committed if selected. Rooftop would be open to public. 100 off-site affordable units would be built in Anacostia as part of a 200 unit residential complex on land Peebles Corporation has owned for over two decades. Retail would include spa, dog spa, and restaurant. This use would create over 350 permanent hospitality jobs sourced heavily by DC residents.

Peebles hotel rendering as of 12/19/2013; WDC Architects

ANC6E videotaped the meeting and posted to their Youtube channel in 32 minute chunks (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 )

We’ve been down this road before. What do you think? Which do you favor? Speak your mind in our comments section.

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  1. 1

    Heather says

    it would be nice to get another office building in the area to bring the daytime traffic that would encourage more restaurants (can we please get some decent coffee?!) to open in the neighborhood.

  2. 2

    kcr211 says

    The Standard Hotels I’ve been to are excellent–boutique in a way that is unlike anything else in the area. I would like to see this along with whatever interesting restaurant it would be paired with.

  3. 3

    washingtonydc says

    Heather, with the construction of the two new office buildings on the northwest and southwest sides of 6th and K, I think we’ll be seeing more daytime traffic (though it’s true that some of that will just be replacing what we lost with NPR leaving).

    Also, I think we’ve got a great coffee selection nearby with Chinatown Coffee on 5th and H and Vigilante on 7th and New York.

  4. 4

    M Street says

    My favorite is the Standard Hotel proposal – it would generate both day and evening/weekend traffic, and if it’s similar to other Standard hotels, would bring a very cool vibe to the area. 2nd place is the residential with Yes! and BicycleSPACE. I’m not as excited about the large daycare facilities in the other two proposals but honestly, any of them would be a big improvement and very welcome.

  5. 5


    Did someone at the meeting, like a DC official, verify that those parks are truly named as labeled on Google Maps? I just wonder if we’re perpetuating some kind of confusion here, or if there is a sense of solidity to these names.