DDOT recommends streetcar transitway for K Street

DDOT published their Union Station to Georgetown alternatives analysis this week. As expected the study recommends connecting the H Street NE streetcar route to Georgetown via a K Street Transitway. The extension how start on the Hopscotch bridge behind Union station and head east until traveling up New Jersey Avenue in MVT to K Street. It would then follow K Street until reaching Wisconsin Ave in Georgetown. The streetcar would have dedicated lanes from 10th Street NW to 21st Street NW.

DDOT: Future Streetcar alignment around Mount Vernon Square

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  1. 1

    Sam says

    Ugh. Street car tracks are extremely dangerous for bike wheels which can get stuck in the tracks and lead to the cyclist falling off the bike and into traffic.

    Essentially if this goes through K St which currently has bike lanes would become unusable for cyclists.

  2. 2

    Eric says

    I welcome this in the long run. But I do not welcome the years of traffic disruption this will generate.

    @ Sam: Actually, K street does not have established bike lanes. It appears that the city has planned for L St and M st to be the major East/West arteries for biking.

    I think bike and street cars can coexist in the same city. Bikers just need to be cognizant of their environment to avoid accidents involving street car tracks. I don’t think thats too much to ask.

  3. 3

    Donald says

    I live in CityVista, facing K Street NW and definitely do not welcome the cable cars for several reasons, chief among them the fact that one detail DDOT tries to play down is the sidewalk narrowing that this project would necessitate along K Street NW between NJ Ave and Mt Vernon Square.

    MVTCID just spent how many millions and the better part of a year improving the sidewalks with flower beds, outdoor terraces for restaurants, and a brick walkway for thru foot traffic and now DDOT wants to shave off seven feet from each side to accommodate the parking that the street cars are going to displace? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-parking. If our retail neighbors are going to succeed – and we want them to – customers in cars are going to need to be able to park nearby, but the extra wide sidewalks that we now enjoy should not be sacrificed for a street car, which is basically a ridiculously expensive bus in a semi-dedicated lane that is often subject to the same traffic congestion as its less sexy pneumatic brethren.

    If this plan proceeds, all the new streetlights (too bright, but that’s another post) will have to be repositioned and the newly laid red brick “expressway” walking paths, away from the retail foot traffic, between the green space and the curb, will be permanently lost. What a waste!