Another pedestrian struck at 4th and MASS

During this evening’s rush hour commute another pedestrian was struck at 4th & Massachusetts NW.

This comes after the recent traffic signal changes DDOT implemented that most of us felt were counterproductive and more hostile to pedestrians. Earlier this summer a pedestrian was struck at this intersection and later died from her injuries.

The unfortunate truth is that this intersection is unsafe. DDOT needs to take action to improve this hazard.

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  1. 1

    nm says

    Just received this from DDOT – I think it’s good news. I’m a little nervous about having only one Left-turn SB on 4th…that might be interesting. At least we have a pedestrian “grace period” back…

    From DDOT:
    In response to your request relating to the intersection at 4th and Massachusetts Avenue. DDOT’s top engineers have performed an in-depth analyses at this location. Please allow me to clarify our efforts:

    Problem 1:
    In the past, southbound (SB) 4th St traffic and the pedestrian crosswalk phase on the east-side used to run simultaneously. On top of that, it is a double left-turn movement on the SB direction. There has also been a pedestrian accident on this crosswalk in the recent weeks.

    We have decided to reduce number of left-turns on the SB direction to ONE to reduce pedestrian-vehicular conflict. Lane use signs and markings will be added.

    We have decided to implement a leading pedestrian interval (“Grace Period”) for the pedestrians to receive a head start before the SB left-turn motorists move through the intersection. This was implemented this afternoon.

    Problem 2:
    Lately, we received several complaints regarding poor traffic progression at this signal.

    We have made signal timing adjustment this week to resolve this.

    Problem 3:
    Since most of the SB left-turns from 4th are made at Massachusetts (Primarily to access the tunnel and also for going further east) and not at H, existing PM left-turn restrictions at these two locations were confusing. Most motorists were in violation of our regulatory signs.

    LED Blank Out (Signal section) and static sign changes will be made to allow SB left-turn at Mass all the times. SB left-turn at H will be prohibited all the times.

    LED Blank Out sign changes have already been made. These changes should be made early next week.

  2. 2

    Richard says

    I have noticed most of these changes and this is encouraging. Traffic seems to be moving better, so lets hope it continues!