Sixth Engine One-Year Anniversary Event

Sixth Engine will celebrate one year in Mount Vernon Triangle by opening their doors and their kitchen to the neighborhood.

Danny Lee from Mandu and Casey Patten from Taylor Gourmet (neighbors & friends) will join Sixth Engine Chef, Paul Madrid in the kitchen on Thursday February 21st at 10PM. The trio will be serving small bites to friends, family & fans of the neighborhood eatery that are inspired by each chef’s favorite dishes at their counterparts restaurant.

Danny Lee from Mandu serving
The Bulgoagie – inspired by Taylor Gourmet
Mini hoagie on original Taylor Gourmet hoagie roll, stuffed with bulgogi, kimchi, and a gochujang spread.

Mac n Kim-Cheese inspired by Sixth Engine
Mac n Cheese using Shin brand ramen noodles and spice pack, Kraft American cheese, and fresh diced kimchi.

Casey Patten from Taylor Gourmet serving:
Kimchi Fried Rice Risotto Ball inspired by Mandu
Spicy Pork, Bulgogi, gochujang sauce & spicy pickled cucumber.

6 Alarm White Chili inspired by Sixth Engine
6 roasted chili peppers, 6 dry chili peppers, braised pork shoulder & white lentils.

Paul Madrid from Sixth Engine serving:
Mini Taylor Pork Roll Triple Bypass Bites inspired by Taylor Gourmet
House made Taylor pork roll links with egg, cheese sauce, & poppy sesame breadcrumbs.

Mandu Porcupine Chicken Balls inspired by Mandu
Ground and pureed chicken with ginger, sweet potato noodles, green onion. Balled then coated in shredded phyllo and fried. Finished with a drizzle of Mandu wing sauce and cilantro.

Catoctin Creek & 3 Stars Brewing specials all night.

Guest bartending appearances from neighboring mixologists.

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