Wiseguys NY Pizza to open Nov 7th

This past Saturday night Wiseguys NY Pizza at 300 Mass had a soft opening event called 100 NY Pizza snobs. Invitees and those who wandered in off the street had a chance to get an early taste of the pizzerias NY style slices, garlic rolls and salads free of charge. Bagels will also be part of the offerings when the restaurant opens for business on November 7th.

I’ve had slices from Grimaldi’s, Lombardi’s and other NYC pizza by the slice institutions at various points over the years. However while I love food I’m generally not one to remember every characteristic and attributes of past meals I’ve had. You can get that kind of comparative analysis from this Pizza Quixote review of Wiseguys. What I can say is that the pizza has a thin crisp crust and that it is not overwhelmed by toppings or sauce. I really enjoyed the Buffalo Chicken pizza and the spinach garlic roll I sampled on my visit. I overheard many Mass Court residents and Georgetown Law residents stating they planned to visit again and again.

More photos after the jump.

Image credits: Wiseguys NY Pizza Facebook page

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    AreaRes says

    I’m just happy he took down the Yankees logo. Put up right during the Nats playoffs. Other than that, I’m looking forward to trying the pies.