Italian Restaurant signs on at 425 Eye

According to news items today from the Washington Business Journal and Eater DC we can anticipate a new Italian restaurant concept arriving at 425 Eye with an ETA September 2013. The team behind Al Dente near American University has signed a lease for 5500 square feet on the ground floor of the recently renovated office building.

The Eater article includes the following:

“This is going to be an as-yet-unnamed Italian restaurant that is more or less the younger, hotter version of Al Dente.For starters, everything at this downtown restaurant will be bigger and designed with its younger neighborhood in mind. There will be about 200 seats inside and perhaps another 100 outside, a bigger bar with 23 craft beers and a longer wine list, and a private party room. The salumi that Al Dente offers? Well, that will be broken off into its own section at the new restaurant, with salumi, cheese and olives available to go as well.”

Pictures from the Al Dente facebook page give a glimpse as to the type of decor we might expect:

Bar at Al Dente; courtesy their facebook page

Dining Room at Al Dente; courtesy their facebook page

Hat Tip: Jay K

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