Tel’veh Signage

Tel’veh Wine Bar & Cafe at 401 Mass has had some visibility challenges since opening in May. The retail space is set back from the corner behind landscaping and architecturally the design of the facade seemingly tries to conceal rather than showcase the retail. Ownership has taken various measures such as window decals, sidewalk chalkboards, and flimsy signage planted into the landscaping to state their presence.

Tel'veh signage on July 29

When the licensing/permitting for the patio space goes through that should make a dramatic difference in visibility for Tel’veh as tables, chairs, and colorful umbrellas should make it more obvious to passersby that a restaurant/bar resides there. I think a colorful awning above the front entrance might make more of an impact that the tiny brown sign they recently installed.

Washingtonpost food critic Tom Sietsema was harsh on Tel’veh but otherwise reception has been positive on Yelp and the blogosphere. I myself have been four times and have enjoyed the atmosphere and service. Hopefully the lack of street level visibility can be overcome. The landlord should realize it is in their best interest for the retail space to be as prominent as possible and should support Tel’veh in this effort.

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  1. 2

    Sam says

    I have to agree with SG. I went twice when it first opened and although I said I would be back for wine I have not gone back since. They really need a bigger menu. Does anyone know why they didnt install a stove? Did the building not allow it?

  2. 3

    FourthandEye says

    From what I’ve heard the retail space does not have sufficient venting for a full blown commercial kitchen.

    I’ve seen them busy occasionally including a recent Thursday night. But daytime and evenings in the early week not so much…

  3. 4

    E says

    I refuse to patronize this place for one relatively trivial reason (yes I admit it)…I live in the building where tel veh resides and for months I tolerated extremely annoying construction noise from the build out of this restaurant. Often times the noise was at times that were probably not approved for construction. I don’t know why but I half way expected this establishment to reach out to residents in the building with some sort of special, first-time offer for a meal or drinks, both as a marketing blitz and as a sort of “sorry for all the noise…here’s a free drink for you.” but we got zilch. How neighborly is that? Tel veh gets none of my money!