Renderings for 460 NY Ave

Remember our preservation debate surrounding the warehouse at 460 New York Ave? Renderings for the 63-unit residential building from Bozzuto that will integrate the building have recently been made available by WDG architecture. The designs came out rather attractive. I’ve long thought the warehouse only needed quality warehouse appropriate windows and other modest upgrades to be a handsome contributing structure.

Hat Tips: David A, Brian N

460 New York Ave NW rendering from WDG Architecture

The million dollar question: Is the absence of the gigantic green I-395 sign that currently abuts the building something that will become a reality or is it just WDG taking artistic license in their imagery?

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  1. 1


    What happens to the residents who live on the west side of the Meridian at Mount Vernon Triangle? They currently have nice big windows (maybe even balconies) that look west. And the first drawing for 460 seems to be flush up against the Meridian.

  2. 2

    Mike says

    I was wondering the same thing. They either lose their windows or look smack out into the side of another building. Very odd.

  3. 3


    That intersection, especially at L St/Safeway entrance, is becoming more and more challenging, especially for pedestrians, and bearing way too much traffic during peak times. I know they’ve fiddled with the lights and crosswalk signals, but it’s still borderline mayhem. And yet, oddly, we seem to hear/see significantly fewer spectacular car crashes at New York and 5th than we did years ago, before all this.

    As for the new building, I hope it goes back to the drawing board. They can do a lot better, in my opinion. The absence of the tunnel signage is almost certainly just wishful thinking; I’m more curious about the serious haircut they’ve envisioned for the giant tree.

  4. 4

    FourthandEye says

    Oh, messing with the giant oak tree should be a non-starter. From what I hear Lowe Enterprises invested tens of thousands of dollars to ensure the health of the oak tree during City Vista construction.

  5. 5


    I agree with Paul that nothing should be done to that tree; it is one of the oldest in the city and Bill McLeod can give the history of the tireless work that went-in to saving and preserving it.

    @ Hank – our neighborhood association has been trying desperately to get DDOT to fix the intersection at 5th/NYA/L, but they maintain that it is 100% right. We asked for a mandatory walk sign when crossing 5th Street (currently it only turns to ‘walk’ if you press the button), lengthen the time to cross NYA and expand with brick the pedestrian islands on the road. As you can tell, we haven’t had much luck. However, Tommy Wells office is helping out now and in addition to the before mentioned three, we’re also looking to do median work on NYA to help slow traffic and to remove the “Freeway” signs that dot the area. We’re pushing for a whole new traffic study for that intersection because there are/will be three new and huge developments moving in on L, which weren’t thought of when the last study was conducted.

  6. 6


    @Shipsa01 You’re right, I should have acknowledged what I already knew, that our ANC has been looking out for us all along re: foot-traffic to/from/around City Vista. It may be that there is no solution, with all the new residents using L St. to drive in and out of their buildings. New York Avenue can only be tamed so much, since it is all things: main artery, escape route (good luck with that; God forbid the city ever needs it for that function), and, for better or worse, home. I keep thinking of the Madness song that goes “Our house / in the middle of our street.”

  7. 7

    FourthandEye says

    FYI – I’ve turned full-time comment moderation on this week just like PQLiving does. Had four years without it. This wasn’t necessary due to comments from readers. Everything continued to be quality on that front. The spam comments just were reaching epic proportions and I don’t have the time to investigate and upgrade my captcha device.

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    LStreeter says

    And has anyone noticed when you are waiting for the (very short) green light on L Street, heading west, that both that green light and the light on 5th going north, both turn green at the same time?

  9. 10

    Sarah says

    Also, if you are the first car to turn right at the green light on L, you literally are not able to make it down 5th, before the light at the end turns red. I go that way (towards Rhode Island) every morning and have to cross Mew York and run the red light. It makes NO SENSE. It’s imposible to make the light.

  10. 11

    M Streeter says

    @LStreeter: I notice this all the time too! The solution is so simple: make L St south of NY Ave between 5th and 4th one way (going east)

  11. 12


    Hi everyone – thanks for your comments. On a related note, the Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association has a transportation committee, which has petitioned CM Wells’ office about this very intersection and continue to work with them. Only problem – they’ve run up against a dead-end with DDOT who claims that the intersection is 100% fine and accurate.

    Charles Allen – Tommy Wells’ chief of staff – will be at tonight’s neighborhood association meeting at 7:30 at the Yale WEST apt. building; come on out and let him know your concerns about that intersection (and any other ideas you may have).

  12. 13

    LStreeter says

    Where do the folks for the new 460 L Street park? Since the brick building will remain and the new construction will go on top of it, no chance to construct an underground garage. So I guess the new 460 tenants will need to park in one of the neighboring buildings?

  13. 14

    cozmot says

    Make money from home stuffing envelopes! (Just kidding, and a nod to FourthandEyes’ comment about spam.

    PQResident, yes, these are condos, not apartments.

  14. 15


    LStreeter – they’re planning a car elevator for the warehouse (a la Mittens Romney and Brittany Spears). The developers and architects are scheduled to update our neighborhood association at our September meeting.

  15. 16


    (btw, I was assuming you were talking about the new warehouse condos; if you actually meant 460 L (the city vista V apts.) their residents park in the same garage as City Vista K and L and Safeway folk.

  16. 17

    LStreeter says

    Yes – was referring to the new condos and where those folks might park. Wonder what is planned on the east side of that block…where the construction site/used car lot is?

    This forum is great by the way – !

  17. 18


    Same developer as the Meridian building next door – similar apartment building in size, shape and concept – only turned to face 4th Street.