Lux Lounge Closure

Reader Chris Chan sent us this photo of a posted closure notice on Lux Lounge (649 New York Ave NW). The notice is signed by Chief of Police Cathy Lanier and suggests reopening is contingent on an ABC hearing.

Generally closures of this nature are triggered by an incident. Anyone hear anything about an incident at Lux Lounge?

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    There was a stabbing at the 600 block of New York Avenue a couple of nights ago – it was probably related, and that would be why the notice at Lux.

  2. 2


    Here was the alert – and also, Lt. Wingate will be at the Neighborhood Association meeting tonight to discuss this and the recent shootings a few blocks north:

    From: “DC Police Alert”
    Date: April 14, 2012 2:48:57 AM EDT
    To: “DC Police Alert Recipients”
    Subject: Police Alert-

    Police Alert-

    Stabbing//0210hours//600 New York Ave, NW//no lookout given DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT #I20120177225

    Sent on: 04/14 02:37

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    R says

    So long as the patrons of Lux continue to make a big, loud, illegal ruckus when the place closes at 0300 as they spill into the streets drunk, yelling, and screaming, I will continue to be pleased when the place gets close down, even if its only for 96hrs.

  4. 4

    ASO says

    R – the fact of the matter is their patrons are carrying guns which means their security is not adequete.