WaPo: High-rises replace parking lots in Mount Vernon Triangle

Lori Aratani of the Washingtonpost published an article yesterday about the ongoing transformation of our Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood. The piece includes a hat tip to the Triangle blog and quotes from developers, residents and local office workers.

Planters outside Busboys patio painted to spell IMAGINE

Among the quotes, City Vista resident Sam Shipley states that the neighborhood was a bit like the ‘Wild West’ when he moved here in 2009. Most would agree the neighborhood was already on the upswing by then. The Fun Fair Video fiasco was already resolved by the time I moved to the neighborhood in early 2008. However that first year did include incidents such as Ace Hardware’s windows being vandalized with gunfire and a half dozen or more prostitutes squatting in the sunken patio of the old CAAB building.

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