Hodges building relocated

Demolition for the construction of the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) new headquarters building (rendering) is well underway. Several buildings have been razed completely and two buildings have been relocated. Next up will likely be rear demolition and coupled with facade preservation (and off-site storage) of selected historic properties on the site.

I have a picture I snapped yesterday of the Hodges building at it’s relocated site. But the Citypaper’s Lydia DePillis posting features the move in-progress photos from Saturday which is more fascinating. I’ve elected to share the best photo of the photos Shaw Main Streets provided her below.

Hodges Sandwich Shop being wheeled across NY Ave (Alexander M Padro)

What I will share from my own snapshots is that the Executive Auto Detailers building was relocated from K Street to 6th Street in the space formerly occupied by the now razed 1004 6th Street.

1004 6th Street has frequently been used as election campaign headquarters over the years including serving as Mayor Gray’s HQ in 2010.

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    Betsy says

    Just to note – the pics in the Citypaper post were courtesy of Alex Padro. There were very few people on site to witness the move – Alex, me, and the architect and others from the project. It was a damp, chilly morning, so give credit where credit is due. :)