Downtown DC Playground Group meeting tonight

Wednesday, March 14th, the Downtown DC Kids (website | facebook) playground group will meet at Calvary Baptist Church at 6 pm. The agenda includes updates, organizational planning for creating a new friends group and planning of their second pop-up play event on Saturday, April 21st at an outdoor location. Downtown DC Kids need lots of volunteers to help make the event a huge success, which they hope will draw a lot of attention from our public officials.

Children are welcome to play in the gym while during the meeting.

WHAT: Downtown DC Playground Group Meeting

WHEN: Wednesday, March 14th, 2012 at 6 pm

WHERE: Calvary Baptist Church, Shallenberger Hall/Gym

Playing Ground

For more information on the organizations playgrounds initiative read the op-ed that Downtown DC Kids founders Caroline Armijo and Danielle Pierce contributed to Greater Greater Washington yesterday.

Image Credit: Playground image is from flickr user xcode

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