Sixth Engine to open Friday Feb. 10th

Update: Sixth Engine will be closed on Sunday and Monday and then will be open for both lunch and dinner beginning on Tuesday.

After visiting for a tour on Saturday I had a chance this evening to sample the menu at Sixth Engine. First thing you noticed on the menu is everything from drinks to food is priced to end with 6 cents (.06). Our table was a big fan of the specialty cocktails which are made with fresh juices. I didn’t take pics or notes about the impressions my peers had on the food as I was more in social mode than blogging mode. But I will say I loved my Beef Rossini entree. The delightful dish is tournedos of beef tenderloin, foie gras pierogies, & black truffle madeira jus. The quality of the beef cut was sublime and medium rare I requested was executed perfectly. The foie gras adds a tasty and unique dimension to the pierogies.

Beef Rossini at Sixth Engine

The Beef Rossini pictured above is courtesy of Sixth Engine’s facebook album. It would seem they are close to opening – possibly Friday. I’ll update this post when I hear something more firm.

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    M says

    My entire apartment that is adjacent to Sixth Engine smells like the inside of a terribly burnt oven; thanks to the new neighbors who forgot about food cooking overnight!! Speaking to Fire Marshall @ 6am is not a fun way to start the day… I hope they get the kinks worked out quickly.