BicycleSPACE new location announced

A few days after announcing they had signed a lease, BicycleSPACE has revealed their new location will be at 1019 7th Street NW. The next to The Passenger and across the street from the DC Convention Center.

New location of BicycleSPACE is 1019 7th Street NW

The new location is smaller than the original space but figures to be only a transitional home. The announcement memo notes: “our choice allows us to be clear of the construction that is scheduled to be taking place in almost every corner of the Mount Vernon Triangle. As the dust settles and the streetscape improves, we will select a permanent home–back in the Triangle.

I’m sure Triangle residents appreciate that our bicycle shop made it a priority to remain as nearby as possible and has expressed an interest to return as soon as an ideal lease situation arises.

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