Caldo, Caldon’t

In late September we learned that Chef Alfio planned to open his Italian concept Caldo at Mass Court (300 Mass Ave NW). Last night I received an email from the Chef citing a change in plans.

I am sorry to say that we are not going to be taking the space in the Mass Court Building. We have come to the decision that we would need to be open a lot faster then the schedule placed before us by the space. This was decided after my team and myself weighed every option we could think of to make this work. I am very sorry we cannot serve the MVT area directly. We will be opening our second location (Zuppa Fresca) in 4 weeks in NOMA under the Loree Grand Building on 3rd and K NE. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. Hopefully a restaurant will be able to break through the walls and set up shop in that space in the future.

Back when we first learned of the possibility of Caldo coming to Mass Court Chef Alfio posted in the comments that he hoped to be open by December. I was skeptical of that time frame. Since I began the blog I’ve just watched so many restaurants take a full year or more to build out from raw space. It can take two months just to get Pepco to turn the power on. Perhaps the Loree Grand will genuinely offer Chef Alfio a chance to open Zuppa Fresca more quickly than Mass Court ever could. That retail space in NoMA was originally going to be Gillian Clark’s Kitchen on K Street. Frozen Tropics reports that project did some of the permitting and buildout before folding which will transfer and therefore help expedite Chef Alfio’s plans.

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