MVT Development Map

Earlier this month the Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District (MVTCID) published an updated development map (press release). I’ve included the map graphic below, but to review for all the accompanying descriptive information for the numbered areas you should visit the PDF hosted on the MVTCID’s website.

Excerpt from MVT CID Development Map

Interesting changes from past unveiled plans:

  • Two new potential I-395 Air Rights sites (#26, #36). One site is that current large parking structure behind Mount Carmel Plaza.
  • MRP Realty site at 6th & K (#4) now listed as apartments (formerly office)
  • Quadrangle/Wilkes now plans to place some apartments on K Street (#16)
  • L Street no longer shown as connecting across highway in future. Although this may not have been an intentional omission.

Updated (12/1/2011 1:30PM) DCMud took the development map and ran with it further. They’ve aggregated all the most recent news on the major projects into one posting. Very convenient and Kudos to them. I just don’t have the hours to devote to such long summaries as this is just a side hobby and not a day job for me.

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  1. 4

    FourthandEye says

    What’s triggered the 7-Eleven comments to this post? I’ve reviewed the document a few times, and maybe I’m having a brain freeze, but I don’t see 7-Eleven mentioned…

    That said, there was a rumor in March that 7-Eleven would lease at Mass Court which is technically just across the street from the formal MVT boundaries.

  2. 5

    Dub says

    Someone mentioned it would be coming to K St. not too long ago.. Never understood where it would go though.