MVT Pet Costume Contest Recap

Despite poor weather the 2nd Annual MVT Pet Costume Contest, sponsored by Fifth Street Hardware, had 10 dogs participate. The event was moved indoors to Bicycle Space which compiled the Youtube video below.

The Fashion Pioneer Award went to the “Sock Thief” whose costume was hand sewn by the owner.

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  1. 1

    Sam says

    I didn’t know about the pet contest until it was over that day! Next year I will definetly enter my dog!

  2. 2

    dan maceda says

    Thanks to ACE, MVTCID and especially the guys at Bicycle Space who invited us in for the contest on a miserable cold day.You guys are great and Bessie likes to stop for a drink when you have water outside
    and her daily visit to ACE the helpful place for a bicuit and some love from the great staff.