Police Activity at Museum Square

As of 10AM this morning atleast a dozen police cars are surrounding Museum Square (401 K Street NW). The Mount Vernon Triangle CID passed along this note:

At this time, we know that someone had barricaded himself in the building, and a body is being carried out.

UPDATED [10/20/11 3:30PM]:
Final word is a male resident of Museum Square had a sword, held a hostage, and was taken into custody. No deaths reported.

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    kcr211 says

    How many comment threads have you stopped by today to drop that razor-sharp bit of commentary?

  2. 6

    it's their fault says

    “razor-sharp” … pun intended? Probably not. Anyways, this is the first comment thread that I’ve contributed to today. I was wondering how long it would take for a government worker and/or pie-in-the-sky liberal to take offense. You clocked in at 22 minutes. Congratulations. Hilarious.