Ray’s at 1650 Wilson opening a good sign

Michael Landrum opened Ray’s3 (pronounced “Ray’s to the Third”) at 1650 Wilson Blvd in Rosslyn during late September. This new Ray’s has a steak frites focus. The lease for this Rosslyn space was executed before the leases Landrum signed at City Vista. With Ray’s3 now completed the cafe/bakery Ryse under construction in the 5th Street space at City Vista should become a greater focus.

Landrum at newest Rays; Image from R.Lopez via Eater

Next up after Ryse would be whatever concept Landrum has planned for the K Street space between Mandu and the Vida Gym entrance. We’ve heard it would be a Hellburger at various points in time. But the rumors of his plans for his Arlington locations changed many times over the last two years only to ultimately deliver a concept that was different than anything suggested. What do you prefer? Hellburger? A Ray’s the Steaks? A steak frites restaurant like Ray’s3 or something a little different like the one-time Rosslyn rumor of Ray’s the Catch?

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  1. 1

    FourthandEye says

    I had dinner at Ray’s^3 tonight. At first I eavesdropped some of Landrum’s plans/philosophies. Doesn’t sound like a “burger only” restaurant is something he’ll ever open again. Later he dropped by to ask me if I was enjoying my blackened sirloin steak which put my foot in the door to ask about City Vista.

    To summarize:
    * Opening a new restaurant always taken around 2 years. Before the internet began reporting every restaurant lease signing the public may not have realized this. But now it’s more visible.
    * Ray’s on K Street will serve burgers and a chicken sandwich at lunch and offer steak for dinner. Conceptually the way he explained it made it sound very much like his plans for Ray’s^3 in Rosslyn. The K Street space will have a mezzanine level like Mandu does.
    * Ryse on 5th Street will be a basic coffee house. Does not aim to be a slick coffee house branding “a lifestyle” like a few competitors he mentioned. It will have WiFi and he’s not against people lingering during the mid day non-rush hours. But don’t expect couches or big comfy chairs and ottomans. It will be basic chairs and tables with seating for 30.

    I didn’t ask about ETAs. They are never accurate anyway so I don’t bother putting small business owners on the spot.

  2. 3

    MVTer says

    Any updates on Vida at City Vista? It would be great to have a 1 minute commute to the gym:)