Caldo coming to 300 Mass

The answer to our recent question about what retail was coming to 300 Mass is a new Italian restaurant. Chef Alfio Celia will open a restaurant called Caldo. A menu on the restaurant’s website includes antipasto, minestra and classic Italian entrees.

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Google suggests the Italian-to-English translation of the word ‘Caldo’ is ‘Hot’.

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  1. 1

    MandFifth says

    Another Italian? While I welcome the news of someone moving into the empty space, I wonder if another Italian restaurant would survive and thrive in a very crowded space. We already have Vapiano, Graffiato, Carmines, Fiola, and Tosca to name a few. I just wish there could be more variety, especially Indian or something similar. Currently, we have Rasika and Mehak but nothing else in that category (in terms of a sit-down restaurant). Rasika is great but expensive and hard to find a reservation at, while Mehak is expensive and bad for the most part. Maybe even a Latin american/mexican place which serves great fresh made tortillas??

  2. 2

    RT says

    MandFifth… talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth.

    We’re extremely lucky that a restaurant (other than 7-11 HA!) is willing to set up shop in what is currently a no-man’s land. Plenty of people live here, but besides City Vista, it’s not exactly a sure thing. Those Italian places are distinctly in another neighborhood. And people like Italian food. You should be happy there’s a food and drink option, rather than a UPS Store of Subway or 7-11 or Rite Aid.

    Thank you Chef for pouring your hard earned money into the ‘hood!

  3. 3

    FourthandEye says

    When was Mass Court built? 2005? 2006? These retail spots have been vacant the entire time. I’m glad they will be finally filled with anything that is unique rather than a Quiznos or Subway type place. Welcome Chef Alfio!

  4. 4

    Si Kailian says

    this is fantastic news, and I welcome the profusion of italian places! It’s especially nice in close proximity with the big italian church that has the festival every year. our neighborhood historically had a large italian population.
    That said I would love pretty much any other type of restaurant especially indian or middle eastern. there are more retail spaces to fill especially when some of the new buildings get built.

  5. 6

    Chef Alfio says

    We are starting buildout soon. We are aiming before December to be open. We will have an exact date in a couple weeks. The date will be put up on our website and sent to media as well. Thank you for the interest in our restaurant! We look forward to serving all of you! Please feel free to contact me on our website for any questions.

  6. 8


    having an Italian restaurant on that corner is better than a 7-11. coffee is available at the Chinatown Coffee Co. down H St and it’s much better than 7-11 coffee. that said, I do like Slurpees.

  7. 10

    A few blocks over says

    Awesome! Looks great! I hope the prices don’t go too far to the high range listed on the menu because I would love to see more restaurants that we can frequent on a regular basis as opposed to more “special occasion” in DC as a whole.

  8. 12


    The Lunch Menu will be posted on the website later this week. We are working diligently to post all the information soon. There will also be a brunch option. Thank you to everyone for there comments! Have a Wonderful Day!

  9. 13

    Jason says

    The price points are too high. Those are Potenza/Fiola prices. Even if Chef Alfio is a fabulous cook in this location he’s not going to attract as many lobbyist expense account diners as those restaurants. I agree with “A few blocks over” that the prices should be scaled down a bit to allow Caldo to be more likely to earn repeat customers from the neighborhood.

    I’d say the proposed food prices should come down 20% but that they should think about how they can raise revenue with wines.