Bus Stop Assault

A man was beaten by 10 juveniles at a bus stop near 7th & K Streets NW last Monday night (Labor Day). Read the WaPo article for the gruesome details of the random violence.

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  1. 1

    Patricia says

    This is disturbing on many levels.

    The guy was bothering no one, was not someone known to the attackers in any way, and they began by beating him without demanding anything first (wallet, phone, etc.)

    And then the fact that dozens of cars drove by on a main road watching this and did nothing.
    Even if you don’t want to get out of your car. How do you not stay there and honk your horn repeatedly to try to get the attention of police that are in the area? Or try to use your car as a weapon against the attackers- i think even if you had to slightly hit the victim with the car in the process, it’d be worth it to keep him from being beaten for 3 blocks while he fled.

    Lastly, I would not be nearly as forgiving as this guy is towards the people that did this. I went to a crappy high school where half the students dropped out and we had stabbings and metal detectors; if you want something better for yourself you can make it happen. The people who do this shit deserve to be severely punished for the choices they’re making.

  2. 2

    FP says

    this is terrible and very scary. it can happen to anyone. if DC can’t control this type of crime, more people will move to the safety of Virginia.

  3. 3

    DAA says

    I am not surprised. It definitely feels like crime is on the increase in MVT. (I haven’t seen any statistics.) The Mayor should follow Giuliani’s playbook … “broken window policy” … and FAST. Otherwise, there will be a lot of residents fleeing to VA, where it is undoubtedly safer and cheaper.

  4. 4

    washingtonydc says

    I can understand people not wanting to get out of their cars–people are frightened, don’t know if there is a weapon involved, and are, on a deep level, responding to their brain’s obvious decision between fight or flight.

    But to not stop your car and call 911? To just lock your doors and keep on rolling down the street without doing anything? That’s completely unacceptable. I can live in a city that has a certain amount of crime but I cannot abide a city whose citizens perpetuate Kitty Genoveses.

  5. 5

    Concerned says

    Hello, Virginia. And if you think it’s bad now, wait until November 2012 when Obama is defeated. It’ll be 1968 all over again. Trust me.

  6. 6

    Very Concerned says

    Wow. Concerned brings up a very good point. It does not look like Obama is going to get reelected in 2012 … and when everything comes crashing down in 14 months, the city will burn. Unfortunately, it is probably too late for us to get a gun permit approved (the application is long and the turnaround is forever) … which means that we’re gonna be defenseless. You may be “concerned,” but I am “very concerned.”

  7. 7

    Concerned says

    Well, now I am “VERY, VERY, CONCERNED” in DC. Too bad for building height restrictions. I live on the 9th floor, which is not far up enough from the madness. But I really feel bad for the poor souls on the 1st and 2nd floors. Fob entry and concierge security ain’t gonna cut it. They need to move now, while they still can.

  8. 8

    Very Concerned says

    OMG – The only thing standing in PQ/MV might be the Chinatown Bridge … oh, and the yellow “art” outside Safeway.

  9. 10

    tod says

    Just back from a weekend in NYC. DC really needs to needs to imitate that city, they have basically perfected the urban model. I walked around alone at 12:30 am and felt completely safe despite the fact I was staying a block away from a large housing project.

    The rules are pretty simple:
    1) Flood the urban core with high density market rate housing. If there is an empty lot, put housing on it. If there is an underutilized lot, knock it down and put housing on it.

    2) With all the density, line the main streets with ground level retail, including 24-hr stores to provide light and increase eyes on the ground.

    The problem in DC is the housing projects overwhelm the lightly traffic streets near them, where in NYC the housing projects are diluted in the high density urban neighborhoods. It is hard to imagine a group of 10 people randomly beating a man walking up Broadway or 3RD Ave.

  10. 11

    JM says

    This wasn’t even a racially motivated beating. The teens were black and the victim was a mid 20’s black man who works for the NAACP.

  11. 12

    motivation says

    “This wasn’t even a racially motivated beating.” – Why does race always have to be injected into the conversation? Are we supposed to feel better now that you’ve informed us that it was a black-on-black crime? The only colors that matter are “black and blue.”