Beware for Dogs

News of mothballs being intentionally planted around the Museum Square Apartments (400 block of K Street NW) is circulating around the neighborhood listservs. Mothballs are toxic to dogs.

Stan B on the MVSNA listserv writes:

“Please be alert if you walk your dog around Museum Apts at 401 K St. Someone there is putting moth balls in the grass in the public right of way. Moth balls are very toxic to dogs and children. If you see someone doing this, snap a photo. “

The Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District (MVTCID) has reached out to the Humane Society and Department of Health to discuss the issue.

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  1. 3

    pjw says

    I’ve seen the gentleman/employee from the trophy shop dumping the moth balls several times. Didn’t have my phone readily available.

  2. 4

    Sarah says

    pjw – did you alert the human society people? Even if you didn’t have the phone, they may want to talk to the people. Maybe he just doesn’t know.

  3. 5

    Michael Mancilla says

    Odd recently walked my minitaure English Bulldog Waverly and she made the oddest sneeze–though did not eat anything.