MVSNA Board of Directors Proposes New Ward 6E Boundaries

A great deal of discussion has been occurring on the Ward 6 Redistricting Task Force (W6TF) blog about what the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) and Single Member District (SMD) boundaries should be. In virtually all incarnations the Mount Vernon Triangle will be paired with Shaw to the North in a new ANC called ANC6E. What continues to be in discussion for this new ANC are eastern and southern boundaries and what the dividing lines for the SMDs will be.

The board of directors from the local Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association submitted their proposal for the ANC6E boundaries yesterday to the W6TF. See the map below. The numbers on the map respresent census population counts in the proposed SMDs. The darker the red the greater the census population density. When it’s all said and done SMDs must have between 1900 and 2100 in population.

ANC6E proposal from MVSNA - submitted on 8/2/11

This ANC 6E proposal has the following positives:

  • 7 Single Member Districts. Fewer than that can lead to ineffective governing.
  • Keeps I-395 Air-Rights project in this ANC. Several W6TF proposals have allocated it to the Capitol Hill ANC.
  • Maintains better economic parity by balancing Northwest One with some of the booming NoMA territory
  • Keeps the K Street Corridor from Union Station to Mount Vernon Square in one ANC.
  • Similarly keeps future streetcar alignment from Union Station to MVS all in one ANC.
  • Boundaries afford ANC6E some standing in Union Station Air-Rights development (Burnham Place) rather than leave ANC6C to be the only voice.

The biggest contention point would be the northern portion of NoMA. The Near Northeast neighborhood just east of the train tracks strongly prefers the area with the Harris Teeter, metro station, etc.. to remain in their ANC.

If you have thoughts leave them in the comments here or at the MVSNA blog or W6TF blog using the links in the first second paragraph of the posting.

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    Si Kailian says

    The W6TF put out its initial recommendation here:

    the next meeting is on the 8th, details on the site. I encourage all neighbors to attend and/or weigh in on the blog. Right now our ANC boundary extends to North Capitol but it is our(MVSNA) hope that we can at least get it extended to the train tracks below K street so that the western neighbors will have a voice in the development of Burnham place over the tracks & the streetcar which will join the east & west. The task force is open to this but they need to hear from the community.