Safeway Fifth Street Entrance Closed?

I’ve heard a rumor that the Fifth Street entrance of Safeway has been closed. The source says management claims they have been suffering an average of $11,000 in stolen items per month and attribute much of that loss to people sneaking out the side door without paying.

[Updated 7/29/2011 12:10PM] Photo confirmation.

And Rachelle Nigro contacted Safeway and learned this is a permanent change.

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  1. 1

    Si Kailian says

    I wouldn’t be surprised. Even if they catch people (and I dont think employees or security guards are allowed to ever chase) employees are always reluctant to actually testify. No one wants to get involved.

    I did frequently see missing beers on the shelves…

    + that hallway got awfully rank once the mildew set into the carpet.

  2. 4

    Ridge Street says

    I believe it. My friend saw someone shoplifting in that store about 2 months ago and notified the security guard who was busy texting on his phone. The security guard and staff barely cared and some other shoppers scolder her for telling on the shoplifter. One of them said “times are tough, why did you do that?!” The funny thing is, the guy was stealing soda and snack chips.If “times are tough” and your hungry, steal something nutritious for pete’s sake.

  3. 5

    HotSpurs says

    They should also watch the self serve line for people that bring over 50 items – there needs to be a item limit. Also, what is with the Starbucks in that Safeway. Has to be the worst Starbucks in the whole system. Whoever runs operations there needs to be replaced.

  4. 6

    Si Kailian says

    dont get me started on that !$#@$#!ing starbucks. I’m not a complainer usually but it is so bad I have to write to corporate over & over. They never have coffee made. Sometimes they dont have a person to make coffee at all. That place BLOWS.

  5. 7

    HotSpurs says

    Si Kailian – Couldn’t agree more. I wrote to their Starbucks and got this canned response. I hope there is someone to contact regarding the service there since it is such an issue.
    “I apologize for any inconvenience experienced with the License Starbucks. Please know that while we endeavor for all Starbucks locations to participate in the Starbucks Card benefits program, some Starbucks vendors, including Barnes and Noble Cafe, Airport, hotel, casino, and grocery locations, are licensed operations. This means that these locations are not operated by Starbucks and that the licensee controls all facets of operations, product selection, pricing, promotions and customer service.”

  6. 9

    David says

    I live at 555 but have started now driving to Harris Teeter since this Safeway is such a joke.

  7. 10

    Chris K says

    I respectfully disagree with pqresident. For the K at City Vista residents and all the residents that come to Safeway from south of K Street this ads about a block of walking each way. I know its not the end of the world, but I don’t see this as a good move especially with even more new apartment buildings being built over the next few years south of K street. That alternate entrance was very convenient for a lot of us.

  8. 11

    city vister2 says

    I started driving to the Harris Teeter, which defeats one of the allures of City Vista. The Safeway is gross and always out of stock.

  9. 12

    Urbaniste says

    The report and all comments say the Entrance is now closed. Since it remains an emergency Exit, it seems people taking goods without paying still have a way out of the store that is not via a cash register. So, even if an alarm goes off, which it may not, the decision to close the entrance may not solve the shoplifting problem that Safeway has at this store.

    From the comments it seems that they would be better off paying a bit more and hiring a security firm and add cameras on the aisles where they are most short of products.

  10. 13

    JM says

    Not a big deal that the egress has closed. Very few grocery stores have more than one distinct entrance point. Besides it’s only a half block extra walk on what is a relatively narrow block to begin with.

    Not to mention I blame the thieves more than I blame the store. Too many people in the district forgive the homeless or impoverished for everything they do. Not me. Those who steal single beers from the 6 packs at Safeway is not garnering my sympathy. These are lazy people who have no respect for society.

  11. 14

    cozmot says

    @Ridge Street, you’re so right. I saw a guy stealing steaks once (“Fire up the barbie, honey; I’ll be right back.”), and couldn’t even find a security guard. So, I braced myself and went to the “customer service” counter. (If you’ve ever been to it, you’ll appreciate my sacrifice.) The employee whose attention I managed to get looked ever-so-slowly around the store, and picked up the phone ever-so-slowly and with a visage of complete apathy, mumbled something into the phone. The guy walked out of the store free and clear.

    It’s a dreadful store with shocking mismanagement. I gave up on them after contacting their regional VP about some bad experiences. I got a gift card and a promise to improve. I gave them a chance for a good while, and gave up. Thank you Harris Teeter.