City Vista Landscaping Upgrades

As we noted in April the K Street landscaping at City Vista has been seriously lacking. As July winds to a close some major upgrades have been installed this week. The vast expanses of dirt now have compact groupings of bushes/plants.

What kind of bushes are those round ones?

Hat Tip: Scott

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  1. 5

    Si Kailian says

    This mssg from a neighbor on the MVSNA listserve might explain that:

    “Please be alert if you walk your dog around Museum Apts at 401 K St. Someone there is putting moth balls in the grass in the public right of way. Moth balls are very toxic to dogs and children. If you see someone doing this, snap a photo. “

  2. 6

    Mike says

    Thanks for the heads up on the moth balls. That’s really terrible to hear. I wish they would fix up the grass areas in front of the V and L at City Vista. The grass is very sparse.

  3. 7

    Jackie says

    I’m in utter shock to learn about the moth ball incident(s). I couldn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. Please pay close attention as you walk your dogs….most of the moth balls are covered in dirt so they’re not visible – they are the size of small gumballs. Please pay close attention to your doggie’s trail. I noticed a large majority in the grass on K street btwn 4th and 5th street NW.

  4. 8

    Sarah says

    Mothballs are also extremely toxic to infants and toddlers. Even causing death. With all the children now in the area, I really hope this person is prosecuted.

  5. 9

    Si Kailian says

    One potential explanation is that perhaps they were put out to deter rats? My mom puts them in her car under the hood because the rats chew the wires up. could be a misguided action and not necessarily malicious. That said anyone walking a dog in the hood should be very attentive…the chicken bones alone are super hazardous.