450K Apartment Project acquires adjacent properties

The future 450 K  Apartments from Kettler we shared details on in March has acquired two adjacent properties and will expand the scale of their development. This will translate to more units and more ground floor retail. The adjacent properties are the ones closer to 5th Street and are in the historic district. This project will demolish the rear sections of the buildings and keep the facades. I haven’t seen a new rendering but R2L Architects shared a rendering during the previous round of presentations so I expect the modified look will be circulated publicly soon.

462 K Street - to be incorporated into 450K Apartment development

The developer is engaging the ANC and HPRB processes again with their modified plan. They’ll be at the ANC 6C full commission meeting tonight at 214 Massachusetts Ave NE (agenda). If anyone attends please report back any interesting details.

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  1. 1

    concerned says

    Now that 462 K Street will be incorportated in this project, I certainly hope that the development team/architecture team won’t just extend the architectural design over to this property. It would be beneficial if they would use two designs for the sake of architectural diversity on that block.

    The Takoma development at 235 Carroll and 231 Carroll is a good example. At first, the architectural team was just going to extend the design them at 235 Carroll over to 231 Carroll. Due to neighborhood input, they chose to use two architectural designs while still joining the projects together.

    I think the same should be done here. I hope HPRB requires this.

  2. 2

    RobA says

    @concerned – the development was already extended over to these properties at the rear – the building wall that was behind these buildings is being brought forward to the facades of these buildings (which are being incorporated in to the design). There will be different architectural textures/treatments/designs in the project – it will break up the facade into three distinct groupings. The purchase of the two properties also increases the number of residential units from 234 to 260 and increases the retail space from 7,000 sq feet to 11,000 square feet.

  3. 3

    Si Kailian says

    It looks nice and the added retail space is more than welcome. They said they are looking at starting 2nd Q 2012. They also said theat the city is making them remove the few medium size trees during construction which is a shame – the developer would like to preserve them. Perhaps ANC 6C01 C. Silver, and ardent supporter of trees, could reach out to the city to override this decision?