AAMC HQ update from Douglas Development

Thanks to Stan B who attended the ANC 2C meeting Wednesday night we have a small update on the development progress for the American Association of Medical Colleges headquarters that will be built on Square 451 (600 block of K Street). I’m not going to regurgitate all the details and images from the January post, so I recommend clicking through on the link in the prior sentence if you haven’t read that posting previously.

Paraphrasing Stan’s update:

“Paul Millstein of Douglas Development did not have much new to report on the project at the ANC meeting other than timeframes. But the AAMC headquarters intends to move along fast. Douglas did not present renderings of the new building as AAMC will manage construction on the site with their own developer. Douglas will raze the site and hope to begin that phase in September. The historic buildings on K Street will be first stabilized, and the front 20 to 30 feet of the structures relocated off site. Hodges will still be moved across NY Ave. Once the historic buildings have been relocated off site, the excavation and site work will begin.  Once the site has been prepared and new pads constructed the historic buildings will be brought back and collected in a continuous historic grouping at the east end of the site on K Street,  just to the west of the alley. The 6th street end of the site will remain undeveloped for now. The ANC supported the raze request.”

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    dan maceda says

    Raze notices dated July 26th have been posted on 607, 613 and 627 K StNW and 1004, 1006, 1008 6th St NW and 616, 618, 620 and 624 NY ave.
    don’t know if that means all the buildings will be leveled or some leveled some moved.