Another Liberty Market Update

Chef Kenac’s assistant sent me a partial list of the vendors to attend the market this Saturday.

  • Old City Green – Strawberries-Fruits/GardenHerbs
  • Worthwhile Meats – Specialty Pork Turnip Green Sausages/Summer Veggies La Grecque
  • Tofu Delights – Prepared Vegetarian Foods
  • Inspired Occasions – Homemade Granola
  • Cake Dulce – Pastries-Desserts-CakePops
  • Victoria Lai – Homemade Ice Cream
  • Fresh Confectioners – Artisan Sweets-Confections

Bad news is that Overlook Farm, which presumably was the larger produce provider, will not be attending the market this weekend afterall.

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  1. 1

    mr.triple-nickle says

    looking forward to finally, and hopefully, seeing some good produce there…

  2. 2

    Bruce says

    I strolled by this morning and peered in through the chain link fence. All I saw were the crafts; I think I saw one food vendor from where I was. I’m not saying there weren’t more, I just didn’t see anything else.

    It wasn’t enough to motivate me to walk all the way around the fence for a closer look.

  3. 3

    FourthandEye says

    @Bruce – I went by at 2pm. Roughly same experience as yours. Does anyone know whether Old City Green showed up early and left after awhile or was just a no-show?

  4. 5

    Carol says

    Just stopped by this afternoon — wow this market is utterly disappointing. There were maybe 3 craft vendors and a massage person. Calling this a “market” is an overstatement. I think the market is a lost cause and a waste of money to organize at this point. In my opinion a lot of it has to do with the immediate area that this market is held in; it just feels unsafe and uninviting. I really hope that the city can push development into overdrive no matter what happens with Donohoe; this parking lot and the buildings around it are holding this area back.

  5. 6

    FourthandEye says

    I was informed today by the market manager that Old City Green (produce, plants) was there but sold out early. Similarly a few of the Grey DC vendors also sold out early.

  6. 7

    Sarah says

    I was there Saturday morning early and there was maybe one table with a few rasberies and some tomatos. I think that is all I saw. And I was there at maybe 10:30? At MOST there was 5 baskets of “produce” – there were two bakers there and one BBQ guy.

    I live at City Vista and the one block walk past the strip club is always filled with adventure to get to the market as the sidewalk looks as though it’s on it’s last legs.

  7. 8

    sm says

    I’m afraid this situation doesn’t bode well for the market. Expectations are raised and then people are disappointed. There may not be much good will left among potential patrons. At some point, people might just give up on this venture. I hope that doesn’t happen.

  8. 9

    Bruce says

    SM: “At some point, people might just give up on this venture.”

    I think a lot of people already have. I imagine most people will give the new manager a chance once he or she is selected, but I think the ship has sailed on the current one.

  9. 10

    FourthandEye says

    I’m frustrated with the current market manager too. While I do think manufacturing a new market is a herculean task this experience last week reinforces my original gut feel that he’s never going to be the one to successfully rise to that challenge.

  10. 12

    Marlene says

    It is my wish for this market to become successful, however, if it did not get off to an honest start how could it? The manager does not like paying for things to get done. He wants everything for free, and do not like refunding monies like he said he would.