Liberty North Market will have Produce on Saturday

The Liberty North Community Market at 5th and I Streets NW will have produce this Saturday June 25th. The market runs from 10-4pm both days on the weekend. But the farmer’s market is only on Saturday and the farmers may not stay until the end of the market if they either sell out of product or business is slow. So come early on Saturday.

We’ve all clamored for produce and now is the time to step up and support the market. Produce is not a high markup item so the farmer’s need volume business to make participating in our community market worth their while. A jewelry vendor may only need to sell three pieces to have a good day. The Liberty North market manager Chef Kenac urged at this weeks’ MVSNA meeting that a farmer needs hundreds of transactions.

Kenac also stated that the market will feature a meat vendor and pantry items like pickles and cheeses this weekend. I’ve pressed for more specifics on the food vendors and will post if he passes them along.

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