Interior Buildout of 425 Eye Completed

According to CityBiz, the interior buildout of the 425 Eye Office building is now completed. Sigal Construction performed the initial renovation for Paramount Development and was kept on to do the interior buildout by Veteran Affairs which signed a lease last year to be the new tenant.


Unique attributes of the project include a central high-density filing room which required slab reinforcement with steel beams and additional concrete. VA also specified a glass wall partition system provided and installed by DIRTT Systems with one floor receiving more than one mile of linear feet of its product.

A total of 45 high-tech conference rooms with audio visual capabilities were built throughout VA’s space. Additional systems and security upgrades were installed throughout the building, including a retrofit of the recently renovated building lobby to accommodate x-ray screenings and outside visitors for in-person and video conference hearings.

Still no word on retailers for the ground floor. Although it is widely said the landlord desires a restaurant for the 4th and Eye corner space. Transwestern Retail is the retail leasing agent.

I created the above image in 2009. DCMetrocentric is running the same one today but I believe they just found it via internet search

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    Bruce says

    SM: While I’d love for Eataly to open in this neighborhood, the retail space at 425 Eye is only a small fraction of the size of Manhattan’s Eataly. While I wouldn’t be surprised if the DC Eataly ends up being smaller than its Manhattan counterpart, I think 425 is just too small a space for them to want to put the Eataly name on.

    (Yes, I know that 425 Eye is actually a fairly large retail space, but the Manhattan Eataly is absolutely enormous; 425 Eye simply doesn’t compare.)