Ledo property sold

Last week we reported that the “Ledo” property, with its long history of baggage, at 433 Massachusetts Ave NW was in the early stages of demolition. Earlier today Sarah Krouse of the Washington Business Journal shared the scoop on the new owners and their plans for the property.

2008 photo of 433 Mass Ave NW - aka Ledo building

WBJ Excerpt:

A partnership between D.C.-based Zusin Development and Manhasset, N.Y.-based Sivan Properties has acquired the townhouse wedged between an office and apartment building at 433 Massachusetts Ave. NW for nearly $800,000, with plans to turn the infamous little property into a restaurant. The new owners will now turn the property into a 3,700-square-foot restaurant or retail property shell by August, though they have not yet signed a deal with a tenant.

A neighborhood resident passed along a rumor that the restaurateurs behind Brasserie Beck’s are potentially involved/interested.

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