MVTCID installs beehives at Walker Jones Elementary

Jeff Miller, Chairman of the Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District (MVTCID) and owner of installed a beehive at Walker Jones Elementary School on New Jersey Ave. Miller and team gave each child a taste of honey, put lotion on them made from Royal Jelly, and showed them a candle made of beeswax. Two of MVTCID Clean Team members, Site Supervisor, Tammi Mack and Lead Person, Larry Cotton, dressed as bees.

NBCWashington reports that the project is part of a larger program called the Mount Vernon Triangle Sustainability Initiative. It was created to promote environmental sustainability and bee husbandry. It will help students gain a better understanding of honeybees, their life cycle and honey production.

For more photos of the event visit the MVTCID’s facebook album.

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    Sam says

    Anyone know how to get involved with the garden? They don’t seem to have a website. I wouldn’t mind working outside sometimes.

    At a minimum it would be great if we could get them to accept compost.