WaPo highlights Mandu K Street late night eats

The Washington Post recently highlighted the K Street location of Mandu among their top late night eats.

Photo by Evy Mages for The Washington Post


After dinner service is over, the kitchen at Mandu’s Fifth and K location begins a second shift of sorts, cranking out Korean-meets-Mexican bar snacks. Night owls sup on piquant quesadillas oozing with cheese and buttery caramelized kimchi, and tacos stuffed with pillows of egg-battered tofu or bulgogi and peppery cucumber slaw. Mandu doesn’t bother with a menu of late-night curiosities; adventurous eaters sidle up to the bar and ask what’s on. It allows the cooks free reign to rifle through the fridge and whip something up, explains co-owner Danny Lee. The bar snacks run $5-$7.

The article also mentions The Passenger and Taylor Gourmet’s H Street NE location.

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