Usage Stats for nearby Capital Bikeshare Stations

Lydia DePillis of the Washington City Paper posted a link to Capital Bikeshare usage data forthcoming from DDOT. The statistics measure trips originated and terminated for 107 stations through April 9th.

capital bikeshare

4th & Mass Bikeshare by Sciascia on Flickr

I’ve sort ordered the data and extracted rankings for the Mount Vernon Triangle and nearby Chinatown/Convention Center stations.

Capital Bikeshare usage through 4/9

I think it was expected that the stations near the metro stations and the City Vista retail would do very well. I think 4th & Mass has demonstrated a strong showing as well as it ranks above high profile stations at Eastern Market, H Street NE, the State Department and Barracks Row.

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    washingtonydc says

    Bikeshare systems work best when they’re dense–which is why the 4th and Mass and 5th and K stations work so well together. If one is full or empty, the other station probably has a free spot or a bike (at least that’s been the case in my experience).