Streetscape Pics

One of our brand new treeboxes from the recent Fourth Street streetscape project has been trampled. Perhaps there was an auto accident(?) or perhaps a large truck from the Steuart/Paradigm construction project a half block away did a very sloppy k-turn. A tree and a parking sign were also run over in the process.

Damaged treeboxes on 1000 block of 4th Street NW

Elsewhere in the neighborhood…

It took over a year and a half, but the extended 5th & Mass pedestrian refuges finally have the proper bollards rather than only the unsightly orange construction barrels and cones.

New quick curb bollards at 5th/I/Mass NW Intersection

The orange barrels were an improvement over the paint only approach DDOT first took. Without physical obstacles the cars ignored the paint and pedestrians were less safe than when the refuges were their original size. The new white quick curbs are a vast aesthetic improvement over the orange barrels. The ideal end state would be landscaped medians.

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  1. 1

    John Thompson says

    The mangled 4th St. treebox: according to MVT CID, someone coming off of NY Ave. aparently fell asleep at the wheel. The treebox in front of Safeway on L Street is also mangled. If my memory serves me right, it was from a police chase. I think (though I can’t be sure) that it may have been the MPD car that drove up on the L street sidewalk in pursuit & then drove over the box, back on to L street, destorying the metalwork.

  2. 2

    Shipsa01 says

    Re: the 5th and Mass bollards. I think I’ve asked this before, but can’t seem to recall the answer. Whatever happened to the bricks that were out there to actually make a larger pedestrian island? Is that idea completely off the table now?