10th Street Park Grand Opening

James from Friends of Tenth Street Park sent me the flyer below for the grand opening event for a park on 10th Street NW between L & M Streets.

Google Maps image of lot - predates improvements

About the Park:

he Friends of Tenth Street Park is a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization developed by a group of neighborhood residents concerned about the condition of a city-owned parcel of land within our neighborhood. The idea for a park arose from the desire of local residents to turn this vacant and ill-used parcel of city owned property into a neighborhood park. In the past several years, the vacant lot has been used as a dumping ground for abandoned and stolen vehicles, as well as illegal drug sales. The goal of the Friends of the Tenth Street Park is to turn this local blight into a positive element of the neighborhood, featuring green space, trees, and benches that can be used by residents as low-impact recreation space.

After discussions with Mayor Fenty, Councilmember Jack Evans, as well as other city representatives, it was determined that the District of Columbia would be willing to work with the neighborhood to develop a park on the site. At the request of the Department of Parks and Recreation, the Friends of Tenth Street Park was organized to represent the neighborhood’s goals, as well as to participate in the design, development and maintenance of a park.

The organization is composed of 7 board members representing the Bladgen Alley/Naylor Court Neighborhood Association, the Clyde, the Eleven, Quincy Court, Quincy Park, the Whitman, and one at-large representative. The organization is a registered non-profit corporation in the District. Such status enables the group to conduct fundraisers to help support and maintain the park.

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