ANC6C01 Impact Study Committee on Walmart meets Tuesday night

ANC Commissioner Keith Silver forwarded me an email entitled “ANC 6C01 Impact Study Committee on Walmart” on Friday. Below is the body of the message.

On behalf of ANC 6C01 Commissioner Keith Silver and committee co-chairs, I want to share with you the details for the next meeting of the ANC 6C01 Impact Study Committee on Walmart:

Tuesday, April 12th
St. Aloysius Church
North Capitol and I St NW

Enter through parking area on I Street next to football field.

We will be continuing our conversations about evaluating the impact of the proposed development at 801 New Jersey Ave and developing a community benefits plan. We’ll have reports from all our subcommittees (listed below).

Sorry for the short notice- we had trouble securing a location. Please rsvp to Mackenzie at this email or 202-213-6476 to let me know if you can make it.


  • Infrastructure and Impact: Joel Kelty and Stan Burgess
  • Local Business: Bobbi Krengel and Bill Sisolak (co-chairs), Kasia Tarczynska, Frank Glaslon
  • Outreach: Tonya Allen (chair), Deborah Mitchell, Wendy Weiner
  • Community Benefits Agreement: Mackenzie Baris (chair), Frank Glaslon, Kevin Rogers

We will hopefull have some new committee members with us on Tuesday night.

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