First Impression for Liberty North Market?

What were your impressions of last weekend’s Liberty North Community Market? The market continues this weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

The critical mass of vendors surpassed my expectation. I wasn’t surprised by the focus on crafts and clothing accessories but nonetheless that is never gonna be my scene. I did purchase dinner on Sunday at The Tender Rib truck to do my part to support the market with commerce.

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  1. 1

    sm says

    I stopped by Saturday and Sunday. It’s a good start. I saw some really nice local artisans and chatted with them. There more products for women. Bought some food at the various vendors. Tasty wild blueberry bars. Waiting to see it grow.

  2. 3

    Dan Maceda says

    Marge and I stopped by Saturday bought olive oil and olives but the woman wasn’t there on Sunday. Bought some cookies Sunday. I second Katie would like some produce and was hoping the woman who sold bread at the Liberty Market when it was on Mt. Vernon Square would be there . Oh well it’s a start.

  3. 4

    Sam says

    I agree, they need some local fruits and veggies. That is what I was hoping for. I didnt have a chance to go Saturday but I went Sunday afternoon and was a bit dissapointed. I understand this was the first weekend and I hope the market continues to grow with more food (both vendors and produce). Also, I wanted to buy a bbq sandwich but didnt have any cash. I will try again this weekend.

  4. 5

    Chris555Mass says

    Totally want fresh fruit and veggies. Don’t need the arts and crafts. Cheese, bread, etc. welcome too.

  5. 6

    Chris K says

    I went on Sunday, so I may have missed some of the fresh produce others mentioned. I concur with previous comments; fruits, veggies, breads, cheeses, meats, fish, etc. would be excellent. It would be great if this was more of a farmers and meat market versus a crafts-centric market. Certainly some crafts are good, but I can’t imagine the crafts-centric concept creating much revenue.

    I think an organic farmers market concept would sell really well in this area.

  6. 7

    MVTer says

    Well I supported the market until they just started blasting music into my condo. We can’t survive with this type of noise all day through the weekend. This is not an okay thing.

  7. 9

    John Thompson says

    I’m 100% in agreement with the need for produce. When we had the market before, that was the only place I purchased my produce. The arts & crafts are nice, but everybody needs food – the produce would attract more people AND you’d see a much more successful, profitable market overall. We need a farmers market – can they work on making thst happen? Hope so.

  8. 10

    telecommutenow says

    Fresh local produce? Are you kidding me? Most farmers are just starting to plant. There will be no corn or tomotoes or watermelon or melon or beans for months yet. If you are a true localvore you will surbvive on potatoes and squash from January to june. Otherwise got to safeway in Montgomry county where they even have bananas and strawberries fresh from south America