Shoe Hoarding for Soles4Souls

Mount Vernon Triangle resident and professional organizer Scott Roewer began a citywide shoe drive in November for the charity Soles4Souls. The drive has been so successful he now has 5000 pairs of shoes. His commitment has been beyond just the collection process as his condo has become more of a shoe warehouse than a home. It would be a great benefit to the cause if a local owner of vacant retail space would donate space to store the shoes.

Soles4Souls is a 501(c)3 organization. Anyone who donated space would be able to write off the donation of space and Soles4Souls would pay the insurance and all necessary of fees to have the space open on a Saturday or Sunday for groups to drop off the shoes they collect. I believe Scott only needs the space through May 1st.

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    Thanks for sharing this post with your readers. It would great if Douglas Development who has so much empty property available in the area could step up and donate the space for two months and receive the tax write off.

    If anyone has shoes to donate, let me know. I’ll be accepting them thru the end of the week.

    – Scott