BicycleSPACE response to IBG development

The structure at 459 I Street NW occupied by BicycleSPACE would be razed under plans by IBG Partners to construct a new apartment building. Business owner Erik Kugler has responded to the plans on the BicycleSPACE blog.


According to the timeline, we will only get one complete season in before construction is started which is far from being enough time to recoup our initial expenses and loans. We are very encouraged that IBG has requested that we be part of the new project, has initiated talks to relocate us to a new space several doors down the street, has discussed their desire for our uninterrupted operation during construction, and has suggested a lease to accommodate our capacity during the transition. This would not only ensure our survival, but would also provide us with a platform to thrive in the long term.

I think we are all very hopeful that our local bike shop is able to continue uninterrupted operation.

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