WBJ: 628 NY Ave continues to holdout

In a subscriber article WBJ reporter Sarah Krouse hones in on a holdout property situated in the middle on the block on Square 451 which is slatedto be developed as a 300K SF office project to headquarter the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC). The project is bounded by New York Avenue NW to the North, K Street NW to the South and 7th Street NW to the West. The eastern edge is an alleyway running between K and NewYork.

628 New York Ave NW is a townhouse located in the notch of the outline

The owner of the 628 New York Ave NW has reportedly been offered double the estimated value of the property or an alternative to move the house to join other historic structures but has not yet budged.  Could this game of chicken repeat the saga of the nearby “Ledo building” at 433 Mass Ave NW?

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  1. 1


    …amazing – considering the Ledo lesson. Go ahead – throw millions of dollars in the toilet!

  2. 2

    Dan Maceda says

    Call me a skeptic but since they’ve build a backlog of buildings they are going to move ie the Waffle Shop, The Diner,etc if i were the owner I’d want a date certain and designated place the building will be moved to before I’d agree.

  3. 3

    former city vister says

    If its the townhouse I think it is on NY Ave, what a piece of junk. The owners should be happy with the offer. I bet it wouldn’t even survive being moved somewhere else.