Boltbus and Megabus move

With construction of City Center DC about to begin the Boltbus and Megabus companies needed to identify new pickup/drop points. Last week Lydia DePillis of the City Paper was first to report the new sites for these bus services.

New Megabus/Boltbus locations - courtesy Lydia DePillis

Boltbus will relocate to New Jersey and F Street NW which is two blocks from the Union Station metro entrance. Megabus will relocate to a fenced in parking lot on North Capitol and K Street NW, across from Gonzaga High School.

I’d say Boltbus got the better end of the deal. The Megabus site is still just a short distance away for Triangle residents but strolling along the desolate 100 and unit blocks of K Street with rolling luggage isn’t nearly as safe as walking to City Center was.

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    Mike says

    I really couldn’t think of a worse location for Megabus. I used to walk to the bus in its current location but there is no way I am walking to K and N. Capitol. Time to look for other options.