Small Metro Safety Victory

Around DCThe DC metro, particularly the Chinatown and Metro Center stations have been recently plagued by iPhone/smartphone robberies. In most cases, the robber or robbers spot a metro passenger who is absentmindedly using their phone. The assailants then quickly snatch the phone from the passenger’s hands and escape through a closing train door, disappearing into the crowd as the passenger is left stunned on board the train (with no technology to find out when the next train is coming).

Fourteen DC Transit Police have been working on catching the robbers, a number of which are part of a group called The Swisha Splash Boys.  Recently, 24-year-old DC resident and alleged member of The Swisha Splash Boys, Terrence McNatt, was arrested and found guilty of two such robberies. To read more on The Swisha Splash Boys and how DC Transit Police were able to nab McNatt, see yesterday’s TBD article. Moral of this story is they’ve only caught one member of this group – hold your phones tight!

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