Subway Liquors

The below memo issued from the the Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association declares Subway Liquors at 5th & K has agreed to stop selling cups during a trial period in efforts to reduce public drinking on the block.

“On February 10, members of the Mount Vernon Triangle CID, Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association, and members of the impacted community met with Frank Glascon of Subway Liquor (500 K Street NW) to brainstorm on ways we could reduce public drinking along 5th Street NW.

As as result of that meeting, Frank Glascon (and Bill Crudup), owners of Subway Liquor have agreed to stop selling all cups for three months starting on February 14, 2011. This 3 month period will allow the community to determine the impact on public drinking and will be re-evaluated at the end of the period. This isn’t the first time that Subway Liquor has taken the lead on issues like this; two years ago, Subway Liquor decided to stop the sales of single beers – before the single sales moratorium went into effect in Ward 6.

Over the past several years, the community with the help of store owners like Frank and Bill, have worked to improve the 900 block of 5th Street NW. We got Fun Fair closed, sales of single cans of beer were stopped, and now we will no longer have cups sold on that block at Subway Liquor.

Please stop by Subway Liquor, say hello to Frank and Bill, and tell them how much you appreciate their actions”.

While I appreciate the willingness to now work with the community I personally can’t echo the vociferous support of Subway Liquors that the above memo does. After Subway Liquors stopped selling single sale cans they allegedly began selling individual cups filled with ice and were caught by an ABRA investigator. What screams public drinking more than individual cups of ice? This pact with the community would eliminates sales of all cups – individual or bulk.

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    Mickey says

    Well, I have nothing but positive things to say about Subway Liquors. To me, they’ve shown a real willingness to work with and accomodate the community. They provide a service and are friendly every time I go in there.