Good Beer for a Group: Old Dominion Brewhouse

The Old Dominion Brewhouse (1219 9th Street, NW), attached to the northwest side of the Convention Center, is a bit of an odd duck.  Although it lies only a few short blocks north of Mount Vernon Square, the brew house is the last stop of downtown nightlife before crossing into the residential row houses of central northwest.  The last chance, that is, when walking home after an evening out in Chinatown.

Street View

ODB along the 9th Street facade of the Convention Center

For those surrounding residents – those of us calling Mount Vernon Triangle home – Old Dominion Brewhouse, or ODB as it’s more commonly known, is a perfect spot to drink anytime, not just as a last pit stop before home.  Its quirky location is convenient for us locals; just far enough from Chinatown to keep the crowds at bay and making it unlikely you’ll have to wait when ordering a drink.  No crowds makes Old Dominion a great place to join a friend or two for cold, fresh, locally produced beer.

ODB will please your group, be it big or small, with its wide variety of beers.  The bar stocks over a dozen of its own brews, either bottled or on tap.  Drink from the tap here, or more specifically, from your own tap.  Old Dominion beer towers – 133 ounces of liquid goodness – make a great centerpiece around which your group can gather.  And with a cost of about $25, it’s quite a bargain, too.

Bar Photos - 20 Plasma TVs!

ODB bar has over 20 Plasma TVs

The brewhouse’s exorbitant number of televisions will surely be showing a game, or two, or ten – if it’s a televised game, it’ll be playing on at least one screen here.  I had a hard time looking around and not seeing a screen.  Like the beers, the televisions number in the dozens.  You won’t miss a play, even if you’re in the bathroom.

A ton of TVs, more than a dozen delicious beers, and plenty of fried bar food, all within crawling distance for us Triangle residents; the last outpost when walking from Chinatown.  Or perhaps, a friendly and familiar home garrison next door, keeping the neighborhood well fed and full of drink.  So next Saturday morning, throw on your favorite t-shirt, cover up your bed-head with a ball cap, and meet your friends or neighbors for a tower of beer.  What better way to wait for football to begin again?


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