Community Meeting regarding proposed Walmart

Walmart rendering: 1st & H corner

When the news of the proposed Walmart at 1st & H Streets NW first broke we ran a poll to gauge reaction from our readership. The results were divided nearly 50-50 as to whether we liked the idea of Walmart arriving so close. One thing we did seem to agree on is that the renderings of the mixed use structure were quite impressive.

Here we are a few months later and Walmart has engaged the communities of each of the other 3 proposed locations with a public forum. Our community has yet to be extended the same courtesy.

ANC 6C01 commissioner Keith Silver is organizing a community meeting to gather resident  input regarding the proposed Walmart. The meeting will he held at St. Aloysius Church (corner of I St NW & North Capitol) on Tuesday February 15th beginning at 7pm. At the present time Walmart has yet to commit to send a representative.

Below is the full unedited press release from Commissioner Silver:

Washington, DC —- Today, ANC Commissioner Keith Silver, 6C-01
announced plans to hold a “Community Meeting” regarding the 4th and
heretofore “Un-Engaged” proposed location for Wal-Mart, on February 15th
2011, at 7pm at St. Aloysius Church, located 19 Eye St. NW” (on North Capitol Street)

“There 37 ANC Commissions and are over 280 Single Member Districts in this City,” Commissioner Keith Silver stated. “We are on one hand, appreciate being considered as 1 of the possible 4 Single Member Districts, considered for the possible Wal-Mart store.  However, conversely, I am puzzled and disappointed,”… The other 3 impacted Single Member Districts, … with the proposed Wal-Mart site locations, have been engaged by members of the Council of the District of Columbia and/or Wal-Mart, “…EXCEPT THIS SINGLE MEMBER DISTRICT or 6C ANC Commission.” quite frankly, I find this unacceptable and appalling.

“Ultimately, I am not sure of the fate of the project or whether Wal-Mart, in fact, “will ever break ground in this Single Member District, 6C-01″. Commissioner Silver, 6C-01, continued, At this point, I only know three things about this situation: (a) the decision of whether Wal-Mart comes to this Single Member District …will not be made above our heads, “without community input” and (b) this decision, about Wal-Mart will be made and ..will be determined from the ground up, with input from the impacted communities!  This is the exact reason, for my “pro-active approach with this community meeting with concerned stakeholders”,   This Community Meeting will flush out the issues and get to the real facts, and (c) at a later date,  if it is determined that Wal-Mart does come to this Single Member District, “it quite naturally goes without saying ..we most certainly, and unquestionably, will have a …SIGNED Community Benefits Agreement.”

“Those are the ONLY three (3) things I know for sure, …about this situation, at this point.” Silver concluded.

ANC Commissioner Keith Silver, 6C-01 invites all desiring to testify about the proposed Wal-Mart to register at:

    Four minutes per comment will be heard and strictly enforced.  Preference will be given to local and area impacted Single Member District Residents, additionally, any enlightened minds on either side of the subject, will also be heard.  If it will further enable and allow local residents to will be informed.. Additional criteria for community meeting, will be determined by the date of the community meeting.

    The proposed store is for 801 New Jersey Ave, NW.  While Wal-Mart has not yet released detailed plans to the ANC, … the
    reported plan is for the Wal-Mart to be located in a five-story, mixed-use building with parking underground.

    Wal-Mart Representatives are encouraged to participate.
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    FourthandEye says

    I’m not going to write a comprehensive recap of the Walmart meeting. Would take too more time than I have. If TBD or another blog/newsource authors a good recap I’ll be sure to publish a link.

    What I can say is that the meeting was a bit crazy. Three video cameras were running at all times. Walmart did not attend. However the Bennett Group, which is developing the project, was there with a former Washington Redskin Brig Owens serving as their lead spokesperson.

    Councilmembers Michael Brown and Tommy Wells both took the stage to speak about the process and answer questions from the community. Wells made some great points but rather than try to paraphrase them I’m hoping he makes his thoughts on the Ward 6 Walmart available on his website soon.

    I left after two hours when the community testimony segment began.